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Digital Oscilloscope – QuantAsylum QA100

QuantAsylum QA 100 Digital Oscilloscope

QuantAsylum QA 100 Digital Oscilloscope

My personal electronics projects have progressed to the point where I need to use an oscilloscope to not only diagnose my circuits but also to further my education.

My research led me to a series of comments left on SparkFun. After looking at various other digital oscilloscopes I decided to give this one a try. This one appeared to be good enough to cover majority of my near future projects at a reasonable cost.

NOTE: This oscilloscope is also my first personal scope and using a digital one. I had used various analog ones in high school and college.

I’ll be posting more about the scope as I use it with my projects. I’ll start with some very basic uses during my power supply project.


Additional information on the QuantAsylum QA 100 Digital Oscilloscope can be found here.