I had a Radio Flyer but Not Like this One

We had one of these growing up. My mom bought ours in the summer of 1978.

My mom bought mine in the summer of 1978 at the local Gamble’s hardware store.

My family it used for years until the bottom wore/rusted through.  We used it so much that my dad even had to replace all of the tires and axles.

My sister and I would use it to help mom in the yard or help her paint the foundation of the house. We’d fill it with soil, grass, flowers, buckets of paint, fishing worms, toys, etc. We’d convert it into space ships, cars, tractors, semis, planes…about anything a kid could dream up that Red Wagon was it. When I got my first bike I used a rope to pull my sister in it.

However, this Radio Flyer car is crazy cool. I’d love to see how kids react to it.

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